Yevgen Stupka is a leading music media producer and communication expert in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He has built an iconic MTV Ukraine TV network and produced various projects for Universal Music Russia and THE VOICE of the Ukraine. His Company POSTMODERN which he built and sold is Kiev’s premier company for audio and video postproduction for its clients including Disney, DreamWorks, Warner and Universal. These clients have positioned Yevgen as a pioneer in commercial music production, 3D graphics development and theatrical film dubbing.

His production and publishing company YEVGEN ENTERTAINMENT is a hub in the music industry with it’s numerous #1 hit singles for over 20 years in Russia, Ukraine and the former Soviet Republics. Yevgen to his credit has produced several award winning albums and singles which have become golden classics and is considered a national figure in the Ukraine in the entertainment industry. Yevgen was educated at Berklee College of Music in Boston where he still has strong ties with leading faculty members and alumni.

Yevgen is seeking to bring to the American music and film industry connections to Eastern Europe and Asian marketplace with a broad spectrum of offerings. There is an opportunity for U.S. music, game and film industries endeavors to utilize low cost production and back end services provided by high-level offshore professionals. All services are first class and can cut U.S. costs dramatically. Yevgen is seeking to relocate to America with his family and join the music and entertainment industry by leveraging his connections and skills from Europe and Asia. Yevgen is uniquely positioned to be a bridge between America and his current area of operations.

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